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the bone witch dc dr ryeder laughing with transgender patient during intake session

Welcome to Your First Appointment
what to expect

We'll begin with an intensive — the first move toward whole person care.

I know beginning care with a new person is a big commitment, starting a new

patient care relationship is a big deal for me too, we should do what we can to

feel aligned in our decision to embark on this together.

Firstly, I'll have you know I work from my home. To me, this means that I will be

selective with my patients, wanting it to feel just right for the both of us. There

are a lot of chiropractic services out there and I want to make sure we both get

out of this what we're looking for: you, the care you want and need and me, the

usefulness I want to provide in service to my patients.

At the first session, just like with all sessions, you should dress for movement in clothing that is comfortable. My work is done with the patient fully clothed. On occasion clothing will need to be adjusted to reach affected areas so it is important to wear clothing that isn't too tight to roll up or adjust. Expect that there may be active movements, you may be stretched or asked to stretch, squat, move with or without added weight, or otherwise move in ways to address your areas of concern. First appointment aside, you may decide to bring a change of clothes for appointments that require different attire for the appointment then what is required to get around town. There may be times of relative stillness and quiet. In the first appointment there will be substantial conversation to go over your initial paperwork and ultimately to get to know each other in relationship to care.

If we've never met or worked together, especially, please reach out for a free chat with me before booking.

the bone witch dc services first appointment 90 minute intensive bodywork and chiropractic
When you book, you'll do some sharing.

Upon booking your first session, you can expect a full intake with questions about your activities, lifestyle, medical, and familial history. Many of these questions are optional. Mandatory questions are indicated by a red asterisk. Please only share what you are comfortable sharing in text and in general regarding the topics asked of you.

This is one way I become informed about your somatic history and experience. You can also expect to pay in full upon booking. The office address will never be given out with the booking or over text but can be available over email or during a consultation.

COVID-19 policy

(K)N95 masks are required by patients for all in-person appointments. Please stay home if you are sick with symptoms of COVID-19 or test positive for COVID-19.


My office is in North Beach Hill a ten minute walk from the Beacon Hill Link Station and on several bus lines. If you are not familiar with the location you can book a free consultation to obtain the address.

Access & Disclosures

There are 6 cement stairs with an accompanying handrail on the right when entering the domicile. The house is built in 1925 and is not ADA accessible, with relatively narrow doorways and hallways, including a narrow half-bath on the main floor with a low toilet bowl and no grab bar. The office is located on the main floor of the house.

Due to the weight limit on my portable chiropractic table at this time, I have a limit of 300 lbs on my table and cannot provide table care for persons over 300 lbs at this time using my table. However, there are chair, couch, and floor options for receiving care at this time. For example, I use a firm foam mat and many props for floorwork. Please reach out and book a free consultation if you'd like to discuss any of these details ahead of your first appointment.

Dr. Ryeder AKA The Bone Witch DC is a chiropractor working from North Beacon Hill, Seattle and travels for special events in the greater Seattle area. The free phone consultation is an opportunity to explore if The Bone Witch DC offerings work for you and are an opportunity to ask questions and clarify any unconventional offerings.

Welcome to Chiropractic Plus+ — whole person care

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