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The Bone Witch D.C. is a small, queer, at home, chiropractic bodywork practice located in South Seattle.

a fat black queer polyamorous non binary person is receiving bodywork from the bone witch a queer and trans chiropractic bodyworker in an earthen adobe structure
What to Expect

Prepare for Care

Care with Dr. Ryeder can look very different session to session. There may be standing, sitting, movement exercises, meditation, journalling, depending on our collaborative care plan.

Chiropractic is done clothed. Come to your sessions wearing comfortable clothing that you can move in, but is loose enough that it can be rolled up easily.

Clear your schedule after sessions if you are able. It's best not to have to rush after an appointment to allow for integration in all that you do.

Consider this option: prepare a loved one in advance to talk with you or see you after your appointment. Sometimes sessions are emotional or inspiring and aftercare or a debrief may be beneficial.

a queer black elder senior is doing a balance exercise with the bone witch dc chiropractic bodyworker
Dr. Ryeder The Bone Witch DC is sitting on their portable chiropractic table laughing and smiling
About Ryeder

Licensed Chiropractic Physician & Functional Medicine Practitioner

 Ryeder completed their Doctorate of Chiropractic in Portland, OR where they first began practice in 2018 and now practice exclusively in South Seattle. Ze identifies as neurodivergent, trans, non-binary, a white-passing mixed person of African heritage, Italian & Estonian descent, and of the Jewish diaspora. Ryeder's pronouns are ze/hir, they/them, or she/her but you can't mess them up so don't worry about it too much. They are a survivor of early childhood loss as well as other traumatic events, have a history in one on one and group addiction counseling, are familiarized with 12-Step lineages including ACA, and are in a constant state of awe for the movements and visions we co-create for a better, caring future.



The Bone Witch DC currently offers single sessions and packages with two to three tiers of payment options: Access, General and Launch. Theoretically, General Rates keep me open and Launch Rates support a growing sliding scale. Additionally, there is a running new patient sliding scale starting at $97 for a 90-minute first appointment

Schedule a free consultation to ask me anything about my practice, my offerings, or my approach

to bodywork.

The bone witch dc Dr Ryeder uses instrument assisted technique on the neck of a non binary queer jewish person
Dr Ryeder the bone witch dc assesses the elbow of a tattooed queer jewish person preparing for a chiropractic adjustment



I am local and not indigenous to of the land that is now referred to in the settlers' tongue as Seattle, WA. Today I live and work in King County, the traditional lands of the Duwamish, Coast Salish, Stillaguamish, Suquamish, Cayuse, Umatilla, Walla Walla and many other Tribes who made their homes along the Duwamish River. People from these bands today have joined to become Muckleshoot, as well as the Confederated Tribes of The Umatilla Indian Reservation.


The Bone Witch D.C. pays respect to the elders past and present who have stewarded this land and each other throughout generations. They also pay Real Rent to the Duwamish Tribe.

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