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Chiropractic for Events

Building Resilience Away From Home


Traveling Chiropractic

At any stage in life, support is needed in order to grow, to expand. That's why Dr. Ryeder is ready to meet you on-site at your festival, retreat, seminar, workshop weekend, or competition.


Building Resilience

It is the mission of The Bone Witch to focus on slowing down how we approach care. Leaders in community are often over-worked in their pursuits of connective purpose and often over-looking their own care as a result.  Together we can hold each other accountable to self-care and slow down the ways in which we organize and grow.

"I didn't want to ignore my self-care while working on a 350+ person event. When the Executive Producer came by my tent and told me 'go get some self-care, it's mandatory' - it was the thing that saved my whole weekend." - Jade Roque - Expansion Festival 2019


Supporting Change

A supportive complement to physical and emotional intensity, chiropractic care is an empowering ally to have when diving deep. Whether you're dancing all weekend, undergoing training to exalt your skills in yoga, dance, clowning, counseling, or simply sitting through a long presentation away from home, care is warranted. You deserve to be cared for.

"Our work together helped alleviate some of that pain through slowing me down, increasing my bodily awareness, and providing some additional physical adjustments to help my body reorganize itself into a shape of greater ease" Rose Crespo - The Dance Thing 2019

"Kindness eases change" - Octavia Butler

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