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Chiropractic & Movement Assessment

with Dr. Jojo & Rachel Stirling

Adjustments in movement and structure in one appointment.

More info coming soon. Please inquire with interest during your initial consultation.

Having trouble getting as low as you want to in your dancing?

Find yourself turning to the left more readily than to the right?

Shoulder injury preventing you from feeling comfortable in your dance partnership?

We adjust imbalances in the body in your patterns and body structure.

Who would benefit?

What benefits might you feel?

A multiple disciplinary approach to movement benefits movers recovering from an injury or accident, dancers and other movers who want to improve in dance connectivity and technique, as well as dance teachers.

This approach could lead to improved quality of movement and body awareness in dance, an ability to address body mechanics from an internal structure as well as movement patterns, an enhanced perspective of multiple disciplinary approaches to movement.

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